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[Discuss] Why use Linux?

The "why use Linux" question is a variant of any "why use xyz?"

"Luke, you will find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on
our own point of view. "

The only real answer to such questions are an address of the pros and cons
of various solution and by a weighing of fact and opinion, you come to a
conclusion. There are currently 4 high level operating systems options:
Windows, Apple, Linux, BSD. There are a few specialized options: Solaris,
AIX, etc.

To answer "Why Use Linux" you need to quantify why, on a preponderance of
the evidence, is it better than any of the others.

It isn't an easy question, like it or not, many of the reasons we say we
use Linux amount to personal preference. We can site many technical facts,
but most of them do not directly apply to any one task or group of tasks,
and for every "pro" we have for Linux, someone can come up with a "con"
and a "pro" for [fill in the blank].

I prefer Linux because of the usability. (subjective)
I prefer Linux command line base with a serviceable GUI on top. (subjective)
I prefer Linux networking capabilities. (subjective, but defensible)
I "feel" it is easier to do things on Linux because of the wealth of tools
and programs for it. (subjective, but defensible)
I think that the TCO for Linux is less, once you are past the "come up to
speed" hurdle that any technology change has. (opinion based on facts)
I think that, for my usage, the stability of Linux surpasses Windows and
Mac, but probably lags behind BSD. (opinion based on facts)

Tread lightly, being "absolutist" means you will convince no one and are
merely singing to the choir. If you are fair and balance the facts, give
credit where credit is due, open minded people will hear you.

> I have a request for the group -
> I am speaking at the GLADcamp Drupal conference in Los Angeles next
> month and wish to have part of my talk cover the benefits of Linux. I
> have started a pad here:
> I would love it if anyone has some things to add that I may have
> overlooked.
> So far I plan to mention and the groups on meetup. If you have
> any wisdom to add, please do share!
> Thanks for all of your help with this and with inspiring me to teach
> others how to install Linux locally.
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