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[Discuss] Why use Linux? (back to original question)

The question was Why Linux meant in context, Why Linux Not Windows, for an
audience that may not know there's a choice at all.

Of course *We* know that Mac Server, OpenBSD, *BSD, and all the Linux are
all better than the old-school Unix Sys V/BSD/... servers, and thus any of
them would be better than any Windows Server.

The question asked was really, how do we sell that to those that don't see
that already?

Not gnit picking *which* one of them is absolute best -- not because that
will always depend upon the specific situation, though it will, but because
the audience the OP was asking advice for pitching to needs to hear "Not
Windows" first before getting into that detail.

( And anyway, they'll likely only have one or at most two Linux/BSD choices
at the hosting providers they deal with. )

(Although I can't argue against OpenBSD being secure-by-default is a darn
good idea for internet facing ! )

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