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[Discuss] Why use Linux? (back to original question)

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> OK, so, I can ssh to a linux box from another linux box, and run an X
> program and use it, transparently, as if it were any other application on
> my desktop.

*sigh*  Is this seriously a "Linux is the best OS" flame war?  Very uninteresting.  The honest truth is, every OS is better than every other OS, each in its own way.

You've named the one positive feature of X11.  The reason it's not included by default with windows or mac (but installable on both) is because in many other ways, it's antiquated and non-performant.  They *actively* chose not to distribute it with the OS, and in the case of OSX, they formerly included it and later discontinued shipping it with the OS, because they're better off leaving it in the past.  But still available as a separate download package for those who need it.

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