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[Discuss] Why NOT use Linux?

markw at wrote:
> This is a subjective comment. People at work have Macs, my wife has

Agreed. Usability is subjective. My experience with the various Linux 
desktops, from the Caldera Network Desktop to the present, is that 
they've been getting worse, not better.

> Its funny, backup seems easiest on Linux. The trick is not to use tape or
> traditional backups. You snapshot the LVM volume, and dedup the device to
> a backup. Its better than Apple's time machine and really fast.

And useless for long-term archival storage.

> This has, in fact, not been an issue for almost 10 years. Both disk
> devices and ethernet devices are persistently configured based on unique
> criteria. Disk volumes use labels or UUID values and ethernet adapters are
> configured by MAC address.

All of these are hacks to work around the Linux kernel's dynamic 
enumeration. They wouldn't be necessary if device enumeration were 

> It the time it was a problem in Linux, it was also an issue on Windows,
> Mac, and some BSD variants. All these platforms fixed this issue.

All of these use what the BIOS or EFI reports. So does GRUB for that 
matter. Linux is the odd duck here, ignoring the system hardware to do 
its own thing.

Rich P.

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