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[Discuss] Azazel: new Linux rootkit

I ran across this Tweet:

  @newsycombinator: New Linux userland rootkit with anti-debugging, new
  backdoors and pcap hiding

and clicked on the link, expecting it to take me to an article saying
how it works, how it gets onto a system, how it can be detected, and how
prevalent it is in the wild.

Instead it is a wiki page documenting the rootkit, describing its
features and what new technology it offers, and linking to its source code.

A search on "Azazel" mostly turns up clones of this same information and
blog postings on hacker blogs announcing this new release.

So there isn't actually any news about this rootkit infecting systems.
This is just a product release announcement.

I suppose having things out in the open is better then it being hidden
away in the dark corners of the Internet, where malicious actors will
still find it, but the typical admin not focused on malware won't run
across it until its too late.

How do you feel about open source malware?


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
"Predictable On-demand Perl Consulting."

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