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[Discuss] CIFS Usage

On 02/16/2014 05:58 PM, jbk wrote:
> I am in the process of updating my client machines to 
> Fedora20. I set up a samba server back in the early 2000's 
> version 2.6. I am now running SL linux 6.1 with samba 
> version 3.6. The client is running Fc20 with CIFS version 
> 2.2. selinux=0.
> I implemented the means for users to mount their server 
> shares to their home directories using the mount.cifs 
> command then part of the samba-client package. This via a 
> script that tested the server availability, created the 
> mount point and mounted the share using a credentials file.
> Five years ago the samba folks decided that user mounts 
> using mount.cifs setuid was insecure and they disabled the 
> feature. I have been able to keep using this feature on my 
> client machines up to Fc14 by copying the mount.cifs and 
> umount.cifs from the package distributed in Fc10. In the 
> mean time the CIFS folks have made it possible to use 
> mount.cifs setuid again with a corresponding entry in fstab.

Well I solved my problem for the short term. It is the same 
solution as I've been using in the past and outlined above. 
It didn't work in Fc16 or 18 but it works in Fc20.
I reviewed the lists at against a search topic of 
"cifs authentication", the answer wasn't there, there were 
similar problems but each was unique for more sophisticated 
domains, and each took over a year to solve. So I will post 
my bug on the samba buglist but I'm moving on.

till next

Jim KR
jbk at

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