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[Discuss] Windows 8.1 P2V (virtualize my new PC)

Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
> I've considered using Windows as the host, but I'm afraid of the
> probability that the OS will at some point just need to be re-installed
> from scratch whereas I'm much more comfortable with the stability of a
> Linux OS.

There are several things in Windows 8's favor for this.

The first is that Windows 8 has a reset function. This rolls back the 
system to factory stock.

The second is that Windows 8 has a semi-automated recovery mechanism. In 
the recent past, computers that shipped with Windows also shipped with a 
set of recovery media. As of Windows 8 this is now a dedicated, hidden 
partition on the system drive. This recover partition is also used to 
create a separate set of recovery media.

The third is a little tool called "CloneZilla" which is used to image 
and restore drives. I highly recommend using this before booting the 
system drive for the first time.

Rich P.

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