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[Discuss] Redundant array of inexpensive servers: clustering?

Tom Metro wrote:
> Isn't this just a natural indicator of immaturity in this market? As the
> tech matures, the core needs will be figured out and productized.

HA not mature? Not a product? It's been a mature product in various 
forms from various vendors for something like 4 decades.

Like I wrote yesterday, the hard part is clustering applications. Who 
designs applications for HA environments? Hardly anyone. Those who do 
write for HA environments do so in private shops. Their applications are 
custom from the ground up and won't ever be seen by the general public. 
Either way, every HA cluster ends up being a unique snowflake. Welcome 
to reality.

OpenStack doesn't change this. A non-HA application running in a VM is 
still a non-HA application. Encapsulating your unique snowflake in a 
virtual machine container doesn't magically make it not a unique 
snowflake. All you've done is change the container. It's a useful 
abstraction, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't address the "problem".

Assuming it is a problem at all. I for one don't think it is. I see no 
problem with tailoring a custom solution to a specific problem. To the 
contrary, I see trying to shoe-horn every problem into the cloud's one 
size fits all mentality as a terrible solution.

Rich P.

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