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[Discuss] network connection

On Wed, 2014-07-09 at 20:33 -0400, j. daniel Moylan wrote:
> i was off in maine for a few days, messed around with my network
> connections unsuccessfully and am now home in brookline and am unable to
> connect, with no idea as to what i may have screwed up.
> running xubuntu 14.04 oa asus aspire 1.
> /etc/network/interfaces looks ok, NetworkManager is running as well as
> nm-applet.
> ifconfig shows the computer on which is where it is supposed
> to be, route shows the asus router as the default gateway.
> i can ping myself at but not the router at
> any help would be appreciated.
> ole dan
My machine is an Acer Aspire one with 2gbram I recently created a dual
boot with Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr64 and 149 gb disk
with Unity and and Fedora 20 Heisenbug 64 bit KDE and have had
no problems connecting to my home router but had nothing but problems
trying to install multiple sessions KDE, Mate, Gnome 3 shell etc. have
been fighting unnecesary fud generated by the gnome 3 team and mark
shuttleworth.I was unable to install VLC without error 9. This machine
has a 500mb /boot partition, a 25 gb lvm for Fedora, A 25gb ubuntu
primary / and a 4gb ubuntu swap in an extended partition the rest of the
space dedicated to shared/home storage via /etc/fstab and links on the
fedora side. I havebeen installing ey portable guine pvery packag eand
have not yet restored the backed up storage
this machine is myprtable guinea  pig netbook client

I hope that you have resolved your networkbeen   connectivity issues and
I am willing to visit you next Wednesday as I also live in Brookline

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