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[Discuss] any decent NTFS implementations for Linux?

Hi Bill,

Interesting problem. I wonder if the severe write performance cut has
something to do with using the NTFS drivers and USB.   Have you done write
tests with internal hardware or even loop-back deceives?
I found this report for tests over sata where they got  (15MB/s) - still
terrible but much better than 1MB/s !

Can you attach your drive using e-sata?

I wonder...  What sort of write performance folks get from NTFS drives
attached to a gigabit router?

My overall work-around is to run one primary OS per machine, using others
as virtual machines, and file sharing to share data. That way native
drivers for the file systems are used. Treating them as separate systems
that work together via networking avoids many problems. Of course
virtualization requires extra RAM, and I have no benchmarks to compare
performance. My setup using VMWare Workstation (not free) allows me to
connect external drives to guest operating systems, but I think you can do
the same thing now with free software. What do you think about this


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