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[Discuss] Looking for WiFi router with certain characteristics

My best guess is that the default route works from the edimax to actiontec
because it's on the way to the internet.Devices can connect because packets
pass through the actiontec due to it being the internet gateway and it has
dynamic routing for PC1. It does not work the other way because no packets
pass through the edimax and the actiontec has no dynamic entries for these
other nodes.
 That is why you get routing from the devices from the
endimax-connected-devices but not to them.
To fix that you need to add some static routing.

You could create static routes using the ip addresses you have for each

Add these on the Actiontec. Try ssh to ddwrt and execute these commands:
# route add -host gw
# route add -host gw
# route add -host gw

If this fails then check for anything that may be interfering with bridging
ethernet and wireless in either device.
You may need to specificity a device for the routes.
Finally to persist these you will have to find this in the gui, or find the
right config file to create/append.

?Alternatively you could create a subnet and reassign ips on the edimax,
and add one network route.  That might be more complicated than is
necessary but the router may have a gui for network routes but not for host
routes since network routing is more common.

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