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[Discuss] Looking for WiFi router with certain characteristics

Richard Pieri wrote:
> The correct solution is to configure the Edimax as an Ethernet bridge,
> disable NAT and disable DHCP services.

a.k.a. Access point mode? :-)

He tried that. Though turning that off and attempting to do the
equivalent manually would be worth a try.

Disabling NAT is irrelevant if you are ignoring the WAN port. The
wireless interface and the switch VLAN for the LAN ports are already
bridged, typically.

Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
> But to review, my configuration is this:
>    |-------------------|   Ethernet     |----------------|
>    | Actiontec V1000H  |----------------|  Edimax N150   |
>    | router            |                |   |
>    |      |                |----------------|
>    |-------------------|                   |      |   |
>       |           |                        |      |   |    Wireless Ch 2
>       | Ethernet  | Wireless Ch 9          |      |   |
>      PC 1         |                     Printer   |  PC 3
>   |          |
>                   |                               |
>                 PC 2                             PC 4
> For access point mode, the instructions are to connect the cable from
> the Actiontec to one of the LAN ports, not the WAN port.  Yes, I've
> checked that again.

So to clarify you aren't showing the connection between the Actiontec's
WAN port and your cable modem.

And the link between the two routers is going between ports marked LAN
on both ends?

As Rich suggests, confirm that DHCP (server) is disabled on the Edimax.

How is the Edimax getting its IP address? Static or DHCP from the
Actiontec? If static, what is the DHCP address range on the Actiontec.

How about default gateway and DNS settings? Where are they pointing?

What is your netmask set to on each router?

> PC2 cannot access the printer, and ping fails
> PC2 cannot ping PC4
> PC2 cannot access the Edimax browser page, nor ping its advertised
> address
> That's not quite what I'd expect from "access point" mode.  I think it's
> a flaw in the Edimax.

No, what you've described fits a situation where you haven't put a
router into access mode and you've attached it via its WAN port. So
connections local to that router's LAN work, and outbound connection to
upstream devices works, but inbound connections fail, as if they are
hitting a firewall.


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