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[Discuss] Debian officially forked over systemd

> From: Martin Owens [mailto:doctormo at]
> YALS - Yet Another Lennart System

I never read anything about Lennart until you mentioned him here - I don't know what's the controversy over pulse audio - But this quote in particular rings very positive with me:

"In January 2013, Poettering responded to criticism of systemd in a blog post called The Biggest Myths.[12] After continued controversy over systemd that culminated into personal attacks on him, in October 2014, Poettering complained that the "Open Source community is full of assholes, and I probably more than most others am one of their most favourite targets." Poettering went on to blame Linus Torvalds and other kernel developers for the state of the community."

Based on my work in security and the linux kernel in particular, I have lost a whole lot of respect for Linus, both in terms of technical proficiency and being a community bully and fame whore.  Er, maybe not a fame whore, but a fame abuser in the name of power and bullying.  "Linus rant" is of course a well-known and commonly used phrase nowadays, and I've never once read a Linus rant that did anything other than diminish my respect for him personally as a product manager, and generally, even as a human being.

Every attack against systemd I've ever heard have been philosophical, so it doesn't surprise me at all that it turns into personal attacks against Lennart.

> Systemd is what we're all going to use regardless. But don't ask me to
> be happy about it.

Fair enough.  I happen to like systemd, but I also have to use the Linux kernel, and Windows, and Mac, and boat loads of other stuff, some good, and very definitely some bad.  So I'm in the same boat as you - I have to use all that stuff, don't ask me to like it all.

Er - Go ahead and ask me to like it all.  I'll probably just smile at you and pretend to go along with it, because what's the point of doing anything else.   ;-)

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