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[Discuss] Debian officially forked over systemd

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 08:31:10AM -0800, Rich Braun wrote:
> aren't there a few tad-more-important things to worry about than
> preserving a few dozen crufty startup scripts dating back to the
> 1990s?

This is part of the problem--it seems a lot of people have framed this
as "antiquated SysVInit scripts" vs. "bloated systemd."

I need be neither.  Systemd need not be a small number of large,
bloated programs... it can be a moderate number of smaller,
modularized programs started from a common init.  SysVInit typically
starts a bunch of shell scripts, but it could, in fact (right now)
start up a handful of system daemons that handle the equivalent tasks
in a more efficient manner.

You could, in fact, put the two of those things together and have a
really nice solution.  But instead what you get is a bunch of arrogant
crybabies playing politics, and a whole lot of users and sysadmins who
are basically caught in the crossfire, whether they realize it or not.
You can read the bug reports yourself to find real problems with
systemd breaking stuff (you will find very little of that related to
sysvinit, which has been very solid for decades), and it's also true
that the developers do not play nice with others.  Linus has ranted
against the systemd folks, but only after some patience with them
breaking stuff and refusing to fix it.

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