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[Discuss] Thin Provisioned LVM

On 3/11/2015 3:04 PM, markw at wrote:
> Again, like I said, these do not address the problems. Specifically, the
> post about sparse volumes says nothing about how to keep a ZFS pool from
> growing out of control on a sparse presented to it from a SAN. It merely

You probably have deduplication turned off.

> says give ZFS whole disks, which is stupid.

Contrary to your assertion, giving ZFS whole disks is smart. Trying to 
manage ZFS storage at any level other than whole disks is stupid.

> The performance "best practice" show how to improve performance on ZFS,
> but not how to make the performance on ZFS equivalent to much thinner
> volume management.

I don't see how you can search for "zfs sparse volume performance 
tuning" and not get Oracle's documentation on ZFS sparse volume 
performance tuning. That's the first hit that I get.

Rich P.

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