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[Discuss] Thin Provisioned LVM

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> >> says give ZFS whole disks, which is stupid.
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> > Mark, clearly you know nothing about ZFS.
> Think what you wish. Maybe I'm not explaining the problem....

You're explaining your thoughts well - it's just that you're saying a lot of things that demonstrate lack of understanding of ZFS.  Normally I like to react to those kind of things in a helpful manner, but for 1, you're certainly writing the stuff much faster than I have time to react to, and for 2, based on a zillion similar things you've written here before, I believe you have some kind of personal bias that I don't understand, some kind of personal resentment for zfs.  I don't think anything I can say is going to change your mind about anything, so it would also be a waste of time for me to react to your zfs comments for your sake.  I personally believe each tool is a tool, and has characteristics different from each other, and based on those characteristic differences, each tool is better for certain situations.  But as I mentioned, there's *almost* no situation I can think of where I would choose lvm over zfs.  

I only want to tell people "don't listen to what this guy says about zfs. If you want to know, start a different conversation about it."  But if you want to know how to make lvm do something - ask Mark.  He loves it, and uses it more extensively than anyone I know.  Just don't listen to his comparisons of lvm and zfs, because they are largely inaccurate and unfairly biased.

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