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[Discuss] Ubuntu, 2009 Mac Mini, iPad

I have replaced a struggling OS X on my 2009 Mac Mini with Ubuntu 14.04
64-bit, and the performance has improved 100 per cent.

I also have an (older) iPad, which charged perfectly under OS X, but no
longer under Ubuntu.

Research revealed a possible need to increase the amperage Ubuntu puts out
through its USB ports.  So, I found several web pages on Linux/Ubuntu
tools, including a compilable tool called ipad-charge.   I tried this,
including its most recent rules set, but still get the error it cannot find
any attached devices.

Then it hit me - I am running Ubuntu not on an average machine, but an
Apple device.   This made me wonder if there is even more circus performing
I need to do to make Ubuntu + Mac Mini happy with my iPad to charge it.

Thanks for insights/help.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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