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[Discuss] no longer stumped

On 7/3/2015 10:11 AM, Laura Conrad wrote:
> So whoever suggested systemrescuecd is the hero of the week.


It's my go-to for very good reasons.

> It would be really nice to have a gnus setup that used imap and left the
> mail on the server, but did the nice splitting and spam checking that I
> have now with fetchmail/pop/spamassassin/gnus.

That's tricky with Gnus because it has to work with Emacs buffers. I 
never did get Gnus working the way I wanted with IMAP.

I've been experimenting with using local IMAP servers as backing stores 
and using OfflineIMAP to synchronize these stores. I don't know how well 
this would work with Gnus, though. I haven't used Gnus in years and 
haven't been keeping up with it.

Rich P.

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