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[Discuss] Replacing AD with Samba4

Edward Ned Harvey wrote about samba4:
> I wouldn't count on it for a production work environment.
> I just don't see anything to gain by trying to deviate from windows server.
> Unless you want to support a non-windows organization.

I guess I didn't make it clear: this is my home LAN. My domain controllers
exist solely to support a couple of Windows instances that run software that
has yet to become available on Linux, and/or devices that want to communicate
with SMB network shares.

I'm all-Linux except for those items, though MacBooks are starting to become
part of my life.

My goal with this is to eliminate the last two Windows Server instances that
I've been running since the now-ended days of low-cost TechNet. (That was a
subscription service that made Microsoft's software quite a bit more
compelling than it is these days; their products were common at both work and

If I can wean myself off those instances and still be able to use those
lingering Windows-centric devices, I'll have met my needs even if Microsoft
renders samba4's compatibility obsolete.


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