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[Discuss] CU attempts to end robocalls [OT]

On 12/08/2015 07:27 AM, Michael Tiernan wrote:
> On 12/7/15 5:05 PM, Grant Mongardi wrote:
>> I always thought this would be simple for the major carriers [...]
> Doesn't that assumption (which I'm sure we've all had) predicate itself on them
> *wanting* to stop this traffic? Traffic=$$$$ so why interfere with it? They'd
> have to spend money to prevent money from coming in. Doesn't seem to be a good
> choice from a strictly business standpoint.

Yes, that was my final point:
 > I can't imagine it's that difficult to do. But they get revenue from those
 > calls even if they don't originate on their network. It's traffic and
 > someone pays for it.

So yes, it is better for them to *not* do this as they still get revenue for the 
traffic. And in reality they don't really care about individual customers as 
they have no voice. Spending even $200/month doesn't get you any attention from 
a company whose net last year was over $9 billion. Until the FTC decides that 
they *can* actually identify and regulate this traffic and that it serves the 
consumer better then it's not actually going to happen.

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