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[Discuss] My Bank's Web Site is Behaving Oddly

On 05/04/2016 04:43 PM, Kent Borg wrote:
> The domain is acting odd for me...
> Last Friday the URL I paste to go to my bank 
> ( quit working. After some futzing, I tried 
> switching form https and doing just http, and I got what looks like a 
> parking page. I looked at the whois and the domain got renewed on 
> Friday, and the holder is cloaked/private.
> I called the bank and said their domain expired, and it was news to 
> the person I talked to. Today, I look again, and it all looks the same.

Except, as I do more experiments, the various combinations started to 
work. It is almost as if someone was watching an error log and fixing 
the bugs I was exposing. Was it a good guy or a bad guy?

-kb, the Kent who still wonders about the domain being private and the 
certificate looking completely generic.

P.S. And I got my VPN working on my new computer.

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