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[Discuss] Syncing audio/video from two sources?

The pass-through widget records audio and video from the presenter's
laptop's HDMI output. There is no camera with which to record me clapping
my hands.

I need something that will be drawn on the laptop's display in order for it
to appear in the HDMI output.

On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 4:09 PM, Joe Polcari <joe at> wrote:

> Stand in front of the camera and clap your hands?
> On 10/20/17, 3:17 PM, "Discuss on behalf of John Abreau"
> < at on behalf of abreauj at>
> wrote:
> >I've got an HDMI pass-through widget that records the audio and video to a
> >file, and I'd like to use it when I record the BLU meetings in order to
> >capture the presenter's display and add it to the video from the webcam.
> >
> >The traditional method of syncing two sources would be to use a physical
> >clapstick to create a short, loud snapping sound that can easily be synced
> >with one specific frame of the video. But the pass-through widget is
> >recording audio and video from the laptop's HDMI port, not from a camera,
> >so it cannot capture audio or video of the clapstick to sync with.
> >
> >An animated clapstick that runs in a web browser should do the trick, but
> >several google searches have not turned up anything like that. A
> >standalone
> >app would also work, though that would mean finding instances for Fedora,
> >Ubuntu, MacOS, Windows, and possibly other platforms, as presenters could
> >potentially use a wide variety of OSes for their presentations. A web app,
> >or perhaps a java app, would be platform agnostic.
> >
> >Can anyone point me to something like that, or suggest another way I could
> >sync the HDMI recording to the webcam recording?
> >
> >
> >
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