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[Discuss] Question regarding parking at MIT for BLU meetings

Hi David,

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 01:14:28AM -0500, David Kramer wrote:
> I've asked several times for help getting more information about
> where the parking is in a way that makes sense to someone not that
> familiar with driving there, and it's still not clear to me. "Park
> on Memorial Drive" doesn't mean anything to me.,-71.0875875,16z

My suggestion, were I to give one, would have been exactly "Park on
Memorial Drive."  You can probably see from the map there's a stretch
of Mem drive that's right in front of the MIT campus, between the
Longfellow Bridge and Mass Ave, and even a little beyond Mass Ave,
where you can usually find parking pretty easily after business hours.
Most of the pariking is on the side of Mem Dr. that's immediately
adjacent to the MIT buildings, though there are a few spots on the
opposite side along the same stretch.  If you're using Google Maps,
you can set your destination to "Great Dome, Memorial Drive, Cambridge
MA" and it will take you there.  You probably want to park as close to
Ames St. as possible.  

Ames St. itself is another alternative, and I think there are still
some spots on Amherst St., although there's perennial construction
there so I've avoided it like the plague, so not sure what's there.

Be prepared to make a circle from Mem Dr. -> Mass Ave -> Vassar St. ->
Main St. -> Mem Dr. (or Ames St.)  if you don't see any spots on the
first try (see map for clarity).  You can't really park in any of
those places except Mem Drive though.

If all that fails, you can try driving a little ways up Main St. or
Broadway St., but that's likely a longer walk.  There's a lot near the
(in)famous AI Lab on Vassar St., though I've long been under the
impression parking by other than MIT staff/students in their lots was
not allowed, even though I used to regularly park in one (which no
longer exists) myself. =8^)

There are also numerous parking garages close by; zoom in on the map
for those. But obviously that will cost you.  I think the cheapest one
is at Kendall Cinema (Binney St.) but closer would be the Green or
Yellow garages on Broadway St. and Ames Place, respectively.

Hope that helps.

Derek D. Martin   GPG Key ID: 0xDFBEAD02
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