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[Discuss] Question regarding parking at MIT for BLU meetings

The Hayward lot is closed for construction. All parking at MIT requires
an MIT parking permit. Parking on Memorial Drive between Kendall Sq and
Mass Ave on the Westbound side is free if you can find a space. There
are meters on Ames St. I'm not sure what the Kendal Square garages
charge. Last night I kept my eye open for metered parking On Ames and
Main Sts, and I saw a few. The meters cost $1.25/hour (quarters only)
until 8PM whe meters become free. Algot found a restricted space on
Amherst st that was free after 6PM. During the day there is no parking
on Amherst.

WRT: Dave. You can take the 70 bus. That stops a few blocks from MIT at
Mass. Ave and Sydney St.? That is kind of a long walk, but you can Take
the 70 bus and connect to the 71 to Harvard Sq. Or you can go to Waverly
Sq. There is plenty of parking within a block of Trapelo Rd, and take
the 73 trackless trolley to Harvard.

If you don't mind a short walk, you can park near the Summershack, and
walk across the street to Alewife.

On 11/16/2017 04:28 AM, MBR wrote:
> Where can I find out what the new parking restrictions are?? In
> particular, is the Hayward Lot now off limits?
> On 11/15/17 7:58 PM, John Abreau wrote:
>> We've had unusually low turnout at the past couple of BLU meetings,
>> and I'm
>> wondering how much of it is due to the changes in MIT's parking policy.
>> How many of you have stopped attending BLU meetings because of the new
>> parking restrictions?

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