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[Discuss] LibreOffice and .docx files

On 12/12/2017 6:49 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> The mini-markup languages fail hard when writing whole books in which
> consistency is a must, and specific style to appearance conversions are
> needed. This is because you can't create your own arbitrary paragraph
> and character styles in the mini-markups: You must use a built in style
> that's meant for something else. Which means your emphasized text,
> quotation text and story text will all look like each other.

Assuming you use the lightweight markup language directly. Enter Pandoc.
Write your book or paper in Markdown or whatever, use Pandoc to convert
(transcribe?) it to LaTeX, import your custom styles and you're golden.
If you need that kind of typesetting control then you're going to be
hitting LaTeX or something like it anyway.

Rich P.

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