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[Discuss] LibreOffice and .docx files

On 12/12/2017 10:03 PM, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> I've written several O'Reilly books in DocBook, such as "Linux Pocket
> Guide." For editing, I used Emacs and the commercial XML editor
> XMLmind. The same DocBook source produced the printed book, the PDF,
> and the eBook.

Sure, but that's technical writing. Professional authors outside of the
technical and scientific fields rarely typeset their own works. Their
publishers have typesetters who take raw or minimally marked-up text and
typeset that, and usually different passes for each different edition of
a work. The concept of "write once, read anywhere" simply doesn't exist
outside of technical writing.

Never mind that writing DocBook is not writing prose. It's writing code.

Rich P.

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