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[Discuss] [Position-wanted] Brian Barnes-Cocke - RHCSA, New to Systems Admin

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Potential Employers,

My name is Brian Barnes-Cocke, and I am looking to start a career in 
Linux Administration. My family and I are moving to Boston in the 
beginning of August, my partner got into Harvard Graduate School of 
Education. I can start a? I am hoping to transition from being a stay at 
home parent to move my hobby, Linux and Open Source software, into my 
job, as an entry-level admin - as either a contract or permanent worker. 
I can work starting the 14th of August. My preference is, in order, 9 
AM-5 PM, Graveyard and then swing.

I love working with computers. I am certified as a Red Hat Systems 
Administrator (RHCSA) and Linux Professional Institute Level 1 
(LPIC-1).? I have experience with scripting; containers (LXC/Docker, 
systemd-nspawn); SSH; virtualization (virsh/libvirt, QEMU, VirtualBox); 
physical construction of computers/servers; network attached servers; 
file-sharing (NFS,? SMB/CIFS); several Operating Systems (Windows 
3.1-10, CentOS 7, Arch Linux, Ubuntu's from the last 3-4 years, Fedora, 
openSUSE, FreeNAS/FreeBSD); and exposure to method-level and OOP-level 
Java. In terms of software, my day-to-day use is Thunderbird, Firefox 
and LibreOffice, but I commonly help other people with Microsoft 
Outlook, all the common browsers and Microsoft Office Suite.

I am a hard and enthusiastic worker. I have received multiple awards and 
commendations for my positive attitude and the quality of my work. I 
want to work in an environment with other people who are passionate 
about Open Source; intellectually curious; and enjoy accomplishing goals 
with excellence.

Resume: Google Drive Resume 

Contact info:
Phone: 952-797-2100
Email: bacocke08 at



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