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[Discuss] [ OT] Google- GoDaddy registre renovation nightmare loop

Hi All,

A mont or so ago I received an email from, the unit
of GoDaddy that deals with Gsuits requesting the renovation of the
domain that Cyclicka uses. Cyclicka was a collective that trained
people in using FLOSS and reusing old computres in Madrid and later
helped to build Free Computer Labs in Sommerville.

The email said

""This email is to notify you that the following Domain Name
Registration expired on July 16, 2018:


If you intended to renew your Domain Name Registration, please proceed
to your G Suite Admin Console at while logged
into your G Suite account and proceed to the "Billing" section. Once
in your Billing settings, expand the Domain Registration subscription
and toggle your renewal settings so that Auto Renewal is turned back
on. Please note that after 19 days following the expiration date, it
is no longer possible to re-activate renewal."

I follow these instructions, paid the money on time but after a month
or so they blocked the access to the domain and disconfigured the DNS.
The domain is still on hands of GoDaddy and they want $100 and a
bureaucratic process to restore it even of I already paid.

Neither GoDaddy nor GG is taking care of the case. GG says the domain
was under the olf GG Apps contract without support and vice versa from

Have somebody an advice or experience on this from legal or practical
sides? I will be back at the US next week and consider going to the
small claims court if needed.



regarding the domanin of

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