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[Discuss] apache problem

On Fri, Jan 04, 2019 at 05:01:37PM -0500, dan moylan wrote:
> newly installed fc29 from scratch on my laptop -- apache
> appears to be running ok.  chrome displays
> localhost/welcome.htm just fine, but when i try
> localhost/moylan/welcome.htm, where welcome.htm is in
> /home/moylan/www, i get: "you don't have permission to
> access localhost/moylan/welcome.htm on this server"

This path seems to imply that your document root is /home, which is
probably wrong, or perhaps that you've set up some path alias which we
can't guess for lack of your configuration, and it's somehow wrong.
You probably wanted this instead:


Another possibility is that you seem to have an SELinux ACL defined on
the files (as indicated by the '.' character at the end of the
permissions in the directory listing), and your SELinux policy is in
some fashion forbidding access to the files by the web server.

The remaining possibilities, AFAIK, are that your web server's
configuration does not correctly list the necessary directories or has
inadequate permissions for them, or that the appropriate apache
modules for configuring access to user home directories (UserDir) are
not being loaded or (again) is misconfigured to use some other
directory than the one you're using, or has incorrect permissions.

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