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[Discuss] mouse behavior

Laura Conrad wrote: 
> Last fall I upgraded both my laptop and my desktop to ubuntu 18.4
> (actually Mint) from ubuntu 16.4.  In both cases I'm using xfce as my
> desktop environment.
> Ever since, I have no idea what using my mouse is going to actually do.
> The specific problems are:
>     When I move a window by dragging with the left button in the title
>     bar, often instead of just moving the window, it puts the window
>     into full-screen mode.

This is the expected behavior when you drag a window to the top
of the screen. 

In XFCE Settings, Window Manager, Advanced: 
uncheck Windows Snapping to Screen Borders
go to Wrap Workspaces When Reaching Screen Edge
and either unclick With A Dragged Window
or reduce Edge Resistance to a very small value.

You may also get a good result with Window Manager Tweaks:
Accessibility, unclick Automatically tile windows when moving
toward screen edge.


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