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[Discuss] mouse behavior

Last fall I upgraded both my laptop and my desktop to ubuntu 18.4
(actually Mint) from ubuntu 16.4.  In both cases I'm using xfce as my
desktop environment.

Ever since, I have no idea what using my mouse is going to actually do.
The specific problems are:

    When I move a window by dragging with the left button in the title
    bar, often instead of just moving the window, it puts the window
    into full-screen mode.

    When I scroll a page in the gpoogle-chrome browser by using the
    mouse scroll wheel, it often opens links I have scrolled over.  I've
    never managed to see this actually happen; usually I look up at the
    list of tabs and there are suddenly a dozen tabs I didn't open.

Since it happens on two different computers with several different
mouses, I'm pretty sure it's software and not hardware.

Is there a way to either turn these behaviors off, or to figure out what
triggers them so that they don't happen unless I want them?

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There was a story going around that a management consultant, standing
in front of a number of software project managers at a convention. He
asked the collected group "How many of you flew here?" and watched all
the hands go up. He then asked "How many of you would get back on that
plane if you found out your software teams wrote the operating
software?" and all the hands went down.

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