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[Discuss] mouse behavior

>>>>> "David" == David Rosenstrauch <darose at> writes:

    David> The second issue is probably due to *clicking* the map wheel
    David> when you're over a link, rather than rolling the wheel when
    David> you're over it. 

Well, I don't believe I'm clicking any more than I did a year ago, and
I'm getting a lot more windows open.  Maybe there's a setting that
affects sensitivity to clicks that's changed the default?

    David> XFCE I believe has a setting that clicking on a link with the
    David> wheel will visit that link.  It's probably configurable
    David> somewhere.  Maybe in the mouse section of the control panel?

I don't see anything at all helpful there.  I do in fact want to be able
to click with the scroll wheel, just not as often as xfce seems to think
I do.

    >> When I scroll a page in the gpoogle-chrome browser by using the
    >> mouse scroll wheel, it often opens links I have scrolled over.  I've
    >> never managed to see this actually happen; usually I look up at the
    >> list of tabs and there are suddenly a dozen tabs I didn't open.

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