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[Discuss] Linux file systems

Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> LOL.   ;-) ext4 is the most stable and least buggy option available
> to you.  That's why it is the default for all distributions.  Unless
> you want to suggest that every distribution maintainer is a bumbling
> group of fools.

Going by the currently open bugs list on Yes, I 
maintain my statement that ext4 is buggy in a number of stupid and 
data-destroying ways.

Compare that with the ext3 bugs list. Only one data loss bug and that's 
a specific combination of LVM and LUKS (if I read it correctly) which 
also affects ext4. The XFS bug list on bugzilla has no open data 
corruption or loss bugs. And never mind the fact that ext3 and XFS 
combined have fewer open issues than ext4.

So no, ext4 is not the most stable or least buggy option available.

Bumbling fools? If the shoe fits....

Rich P.

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