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[Discuss] Linux file systems

> From: aldo albanese [mailto:aldo_albanese at]
> At the?beginning I was not too
> specific about where I would utilize these system structures. ?This group
> brings another interesting point, what is the best file system for
> different?applications. ?If I had to build a new server for production
> environment, what would you suggest as partition and file system.

Depends what your application is.  I normally use openindiana for ZFS, and use iscsi to present storage to vmware.  Because vmware is bad about managing storage or redundancy - I can ZFS snapshot the vm underlying storage, and I can zfs send to offsite backups.  Supposedly, you should be able to do the same now on btrfs or zfs on linux - but I haven't thoroughly vetted that configuration.

I normally have a plain ext4 partition for /boot.  And everything else is LVM.  

Given the fact that all my linux machines run inside vmware, and therefore the underlying openindiana zfs is able to manage the machine snapshots, I normally don't bother doing anything fancy with filesystems in the linux guests, and everything simply runs ext4.

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