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[Discuss] SysVinit vs. systemd

> From: Dan Ritter [mailto:dsr at]
> Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 9:31 AM
> Nope. I'm telling you that I perceive systemd "guys" as being
> arrogant, hubristic, and competitive instead of cooperative...
> and now I'll tell you that you're not doing anything to change
> that.

Well, for one, there's nothing preventing anyone from using systemd and sysV on the same system - as evidenced by the fact that it current co-exists in redhat and debian based systems (and has for at least a couple releases, or a couple of years.)  So I don't see what you're talking about when you say the systemd folks are so pushy and so on.

You said systemd doesn't play nice with others, but I've never witnessed anything to that effect myself.  (Or maybe you said systemd folks don't play nice with others, I'm not really sure.)

You're not saying you don't like systemd.  You're saying you don't like systemd guys.  But the only reason you've said so far is "They just loooove systemd so much.  They want everyone to use it."  Which is hardly an argument against it, or against them.  So I don't get it.

Personally, I like systemd, and I see sysV as being archaic with lots of room for improvement, which systemd is attempting to address.  I listed several things I like about systemd, and I haven't heard any counter...

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