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need relative stable 1.3.69+ kernel


At 06:15 AM 5/6/96 -0400, Robert Luoma wrote:
>I have tried 1.3.66,67,68,97 and they have crashed and burned
>in various ways.  Can someone give a recommendation
>to a stable kernel in the 69-96 range?
>  need 3c509,aha1542,ppp

I don't know what ahal542 is, but I run ppp & 3c509 off of my 1.2.13 system.
Not quite as sexy, I know, but it doesn't crash. Also, I think 1.4 [or 2.0]
is right around the corner ...

At least that's the rumor.


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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