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need relative stable 1.3.69+ kernel

John Saylor wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

>I have tried 1.3.66,67,68,97 and they have crashed and burned
>in various ways.  Can someone give a recommendation
>to a stable kernel in the 69-96 range?
>  need 3c509,aha1542,ppp

 JS> I don't know what ahal542 is, but I run ppp & 3c509 off of
 JS> my 1.2.13 system. Not quite as sexy, I know, but it doesn't
 JS> crash. Also, I think 1.4 [or 2.0] is right around the corner
 JS> ...

The AHA1542 is an Adaptec SCSI controller.  I was involved in writing the Linux
driver for it, back around v0.95 or so.

I certainly would not expect to be seeing any instablity in a driver that
mature, although there have been some attempts recently to change the SCSI
stack to be more like that of FreeBSD.  It is possible that this broke
something in the driver, but I have not heard anyone else report that.

The later kernels have been fairly stable with the advanced SCSI drivers being
developed now, such as for the Adaptec AIC-7770/7870/7880 chipsets.

The 3C509 drivers are likewise mature, although 3Com has been making changes to
the cards lately and has introduced at least one major firmware bug that was in
production for several months last year.  Since the firmware on the cards is
flash upgradeable, you can get the fixes from FTP.3COM.COM or WWW.3COM.COM. The
very latest Plug-n-Play version of the 3C509 has also had problems.

I would probably look at kernels in the early 90s.
-- Mike

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