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need relative stable 1.3.69+ kernel

I've used 1.3.64, 1.3.91, 1.3.97, and 1.3.98 all with success.  (Well, 1.3.91
had problems with my old version of sysvinit, but that's all fixed now.)
I use ppp, 3c509, and aha1542 on one a system currently running an intermediate
kernel -- 1.3.93 -- and have had no problems with that either.
Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.  What kind of problems have you had, and
exactly what kind of help do you want? 

Susan Kleinmann
sgk at

P.S.  I am using IP_ALIASING, etc. to connect my local mini-net to my ISP
through a single phone line connection.  This may be of interest to you
vis-a-vis firewalling, etc.
> I have tried 1.3.66,67,68,97 and they have crashed and burned
> in various ways.  Can someone give a recommendation
> to a stable kernel in the 69-96 range?
>   need 3c509,aha1542,ppp
> --
> Robert Luoma    <luoma at>

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