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[Really wish David would stop crapping all over the Subject: lines like this] Re: [BLU] Re: 3 Questions

> the problem I've always had with this is if you're already looking
> at a website and there is a URL in the URL field, there's no way
> to paste the new URL so it will replace the old one.  So you have
> to highlight the URL in the browser, wipe it out, go back to where
> the new URL is, highlight it, go back to the browser, then click
> to paste into the broowser's URL field.

It's much simpler than that: gather whatever URL you like into the
Cut buffer and then just middle-click with the pointer anywhere
in the main NetScape browser window.  The URL currently being
displayed in the Location: window will be replaced with your
new one and the corresponding load will be initiated.

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