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best new video cards for linux?

Hello all,
I am at work at a biomedical research lab, and the video card on one of
the machines crapped out. This is a machine that is dual boot linux /
win98, a Dell Deminsion XPS B733 (733 mhz). The X windows has never been
configured adequately, I believe it is some wierd compatibility problem.
So I am looking for advice on a video card up to $100, that offers good
resolution, 2D reasonable performnce, but doesn't need to be a great 3D
card. It should have good accurate color though. It should be easy to get
running in its high performance under redhat9 and work well with win98 as
well (though I may try to get them to switch the windows side to win2k, as
they have a spare license for it..win2k has always seemed like the least
horrible MS-Windows product).

Any info would be appreciated, ether on what works well or what was
painful or what just isn't supported under X.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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