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best new video cards for linux?

You have many replies that reccomend nVidia, and I'd like to voice the same

One thing I didn't see mentioned (or I may have missed) is the fact there is
more than one nVidia driver available.
There are the closed-source nVidia drivers, and there are the open sourced
XFree 2-D ONLY drivers (with arguably inferior 3D support).

I think most nVidia users (including myself) suggest the vendor drivers,
however if you are concerned about running closed-source software I thought
it worth pointing out the 2D drivers *are* stable and "good enough" if you
don't care about 3D.

Of course, an nVidia card without 3D seems silly to some... but not really
if you just want hardware from a major manufacturer, etc.

I've heard a few good things about Matrox cards (for 2D work), but I have
zero experience with them.

RECENT Nvidia installers are painless.. at least on Red Hat..

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Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 1:45 PM
Subject: best new video cards for linux?

> Hello all,
> I am at work at a biomedical research lab, and the video card on one of
> the machines crapped out. This is a machine that is dual boot linux /
> win98, a Dell Deminsion XPS B733 (733 mhz). The X windows has never been
> configured adequately, I believe it is some wierd compatibility problem.
> So I am looking for advice on a video card up to $100, that offers good
> resolution, 2D reasonable performnce, but doesn't need to be a great 3D
> card. It should have good accurate color though. It should be easy to get
> running in its high performance under redhat9 and work well with win98 as
> well (though I may try to get them to switch the windows side to win2k, as
> they have a spare license for it..win2k has always seemed like the least
> horrible MS-Windows product).
> Any info would be appreciated, ether on what works well or what was
> painful or what just isn't supported under X.
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