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USB Flash Drive Purchasing Advice

Brendan wrote:

> On Tuesday 20 July 2004 12:03, Drew Taylor wrote:
>>Brendan wrote:
>>>My Lexar rubberized  Jumpdrive survives anything I throw at it and works
>>>great with Linux, and Windows. 256 MB on special at newegg for $23
>>>shipped a few weeks back.
> 2.0, and honestly, speed is not even an issue unless you need it to be fast. 
> It's more about the versatility, the packaging, how tough it is, how easy it 
> is to lose the cap, if it's low power, bootable...It's everything else, but 
> the speed, no matter who tells you that. The arstechnica article was 
> amazingly useful.

I think I read that article a while back. And unfortunately the price 
for your drive is now back up to $43. :-( Still a great price though.

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