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Speakeasy - First Impressions

Rajiv Aaron Manglani wrote:

>>> Neutral:
>>> * Price comparable with Comcast, assuming you don't already have  cable
>>>   TV and will pay for the minimum "antenna" service that Comcast  
>>> requires
>>>   for data users. If you're paying for Cable TV already, you may  or 
>>> may
>>>   not choose to include your cable TV fee as part of the cost of data
>>>   service: I had to pay ~12/month for the bottom tier of TV  service in
>>>   order to get a cable modem.
>> Can Comcast deliver a static IP?  Not comparable services.
> and don't forget that speakeasy does not filter traffic, in or out  
> bound.

The "no blockage" policy is the *sine qua non of my Speakeasy choice: if 
all I wanted was "anything but Comcast", I could have gotten 768/128 
ADSL from Verizon for ~32/month, and used the various dynamic DNS 
providers to work around the port restrictions: counting fees for the 
dynamic DNS, it would have cost about 37/month to use Verizon. Since I 
run Apache on my machine, and also have a couple of mailing lists that 
require web access for user updates, and I _really_ like having the 
capability of creating throwaway email addresses, I wanted a higher 
level of service. I chose Speakeasy based on the no-blocking policy, and 
the many recommendations from other users, both in the BLU and outside 
it. I can attest that their praise is justified.


E. William Horne
William Warren Consulting
Computer and Network Installation and Service
Voice 781 784-7287
Fax   781 784-0951

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