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Another question regarding backups

On 07/07/2009 10:13 AM, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Jul 7, 2009, at 10:04 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>  =20
>> I've been using rsnapshot for my backups lately, and the target is my
>> 160BG SATA drive set up as a single LVM volume (1 physical, 1 =20
>> logical).
>> While I may possibly move the backups to my USB drive in the future, I=

>> was thinking that LVM may not be a wise choice if I lose my primary
>> drive. Would I be better off to simply use a physical partition
>> formatted to ext4 rather than LVM in the case I lose my 1TB drive.
>>    =20
> Probably, since in a single-drive, using-all-of-it setup, LVM really =20
> doesn't buy you anything at all, it only adds complexity.
>  =20
>> BTW: If I were to experience a total drive failure, I would most =20
>> likely
>> install the OS onto a new drive and restore, so that the backup =20
>> would be
>> accessible. My concern would be accessing the backup data from a =20
>> LiveCD.
>>    =20
> Should be perfectly accessible. Might require manually running some =20
> lvm commands and mounting by hand, not sure about that. The only real  =

> gotcha is that if the volume was formatted with LVM and a VG and/or LV =
> with the same name as another disk in the system, things can go haywire=
>  =20
I certainly would agree with all. I don't know why I set it up that way.
I had formatted it by error when I installed F11 which is a con
regarding using a local SATA as the backup device :-). Some of the
LiveCds do not recognize LVM. I am pretty sure that the Fedora does, but
not 100% certain about Ubuntu or Knoppix, but I think the best bet is to
reformat to a single physical partition with EXT4.

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