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Stephen Adler wrote:
> Guys,
> In the old days... circa 1990, I was really big on X-terminals and 
> xdmcp. Basically we ran these large unix systems, (SGI was big then) 
> which didn't have any display devices and we would buy a bunch of 
> XTerminals which we installed on peoples desks. We all shared the same 
> system.
> But the model has changed with everyone having their own PC. But I was 
> wondering, is ther anyway of using xdmcp or somehow take advantage of it 
> to startup a session so that I can do some kind of remote desktop'ing? 
> Currently I use vnc and have to log into the system I want to vnc to, 
> startup the vncserver (Xvnc) and then run my vnc client on my desktop. 
> It would be nice if somehow I could run a vncviewer and somehow attach 
> to it as if I had a virtual xterminal. Does that kind of interface exist 
> these days?
> Thanks for the replies in advance.
I have a setup that works like that - I've configured Xvnc to be 
launched from xinetd, causing Xvnc to be launched when a connection 
comes in from a vnc client. Here is one of my entries from xinetd.d:

service vnc
          protocol = tcp
          socket_type = stream
          wait = no
          user = nobody
          server = /usr/bin/Xvnc
          server_args = :1 -inetd -query localhost -once -geometry 
1280x1024 -depth 24 -SecurityTypes=None

where the "vnc" service needs to be defined in services.xml to run at 
whatever port you want to use. It also depends on having an xdmcp server 
running (in this case on localhost) to handle the query. The major 
downside to this example is that Xvnc requires an arg specifying the 
display#; it won't hunt for an available port, so you see I've got a 
display # hardwired into the server arg, which limits this to one user 
at a time. That's not an insurmountable problem... one could write a 
simple program or script that would find an available display port 
number and launch Xvnc with the matching display#.


> Cheers. Steve.
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