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[Discuss] Why use Linux? (back to original question)

markw at wrote:
> SSH does not do this on Mac easily. Yes, if you configure the bastardized
> X server that you can get for Mac, you might be able to get it to work,
> but not with all programs.

XQuartz is genuine X.Org. There's nothing bastardized about it, and all 
X11 applications work over the SSH tunnel just like they do on Linux.

> Virtual Machines have changed the way we look at service environments.

Doesn't change the fact that I've never needed to use QEMU on Macintosh 
and when I needed to make it work on Linux it was an abject failure.

> I have, many times and I see a whole lot of HFS+ does not support sparse
> files, use UFS and a lot of UFS is no longer supported.
> I don't believe you.

Then you're deliberately missing the point. OS X does sparse file systems.

Rich P.

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