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[Discuss] Sync Revisited

For my personal & professional use I get by using Google Drive, or DropBox
to sync things like PDFs that require no security to my iPad, or Android
For everything else I use version control, scp or rsync+ssh as needed.
Still it would be really nice to have a secure private, automatic sync.

You have made a strong case for unison. Unison advantages:

   - installation is easy and requirements are quite small
   - low memory use on server and devices
   - quick start of sync
   - efficient diff sync (+ compression?)
   - stable code base
   - works with large files and large number of files
   - clients for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Andriod and iOS ( i did not know!

How elaborate are your custom scripts for unison? I assume it just requires
rsync and unison on the server?
Is it automatic or do you initiate it?

I've used unison for an ad-hoc sync between say a desktop or sever and a
laptop or thumbdrive.
That's seemed to be to be what it's really useful for. On the down side the
last time I tried using it, it was a bit tricky to get the same version
installed on everything and that mattered.

Is https ftps file access from anywhere with login a requirement for you?
multiple user support?
Maybe those requirements would suggest ownCloud might be a better fit?

What about owncloud + docker?

Surely a node could also be doing mail routing, and webmail for a small
number of users, along with light ftp, http, maybe also ldap.
I give it a nod  for some uses if it makes supporting multiple users easy.
*Still it's non-free* and so while I might try it it does not make sense
for one user.

How much extra memory does this consume and is it choking on large files?
How much slower is it?
Can you limit bandwidth as with a good BT client?

On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 10:27 AM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at>

> On 7/30/2014 8:06 AM, Matt Shields wrote:
> > Did you try ownCloud?
> Yes. It's horrible. I mean, BTSync and Syncthing are single executables.
> Start the daemon and you're syncing files. Bang, done. ownCloud requires
> a full LAMP stack on a dedicated server and the associated
> administrative overhead.
> I'm sure that ownCloud has a purpose but that purpose is not me keeping
> files synchronized between my computers.
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> Rich P.
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