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[Discuss] Sync Revisited

Who here wants something anyway?  I'm kind of lost in this thread, as different people are apparently looking for to solve different requirements - 

If what you want is something that does a good job syncing your personal devices without need for a server, and it doesn't need to be "live" sync, but you're happy scheduling it periodically or whatever, I'll recommend GoodSync.  Not free, but cheap.  (Buy in quantities of 3 for best discount - $54 for 3 licenses = $18 each for perpetual license).  In terms of reliability and flexibility, kicks the pants off unison (which I thought was basically garbage.)

If you don't care about security, then dropbox is great.

If you just want security layered on top of dropbox, and it's just your own personal stuff (not sharing with other people) then boxcryptor or cloudfogger are pretty reasonable.  They have some drawbacks with conflicts (silent delete) and filename bloating (windows stupid 255 char path length limit).  And the crypto isn't very strong, but it's good enough for most peoples' expectations of security.

If you want to securely sync things like password lists and SSL private keys and network diagrams with your coworkers (because you're an IT person with IT coworkers, or you're a lawyer, or accountant) that's what Synctuary is designed for.

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