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[Discuss] NFS mounts

Tom,Sorry about the misunderstanding, Verizon only gives the Cablecard not the HDHomeRun. ?It works great with RPI2, Kodi and Mythtv on Virtual Server. ?I had to confess, since I'm not even close to be a beginner with Linux I had some problems with the entire system. I.e. RPI would not handle the load, Mythtv not being tuned ok and many other issues. ?It needs to pass the wife acceptance (The hard part) but I'm seeing good results after a year of tuning. ?I'm glad that this post is asking more questions about cablecard, Mythtv and etc. I did not want to go off the topic of linux too much. ?I had this question that nobody was able to answer and I decided to ask this board. ?My understanding is that Mythtv uses the stream file from HDHomerun and it pass it along to Kodi. ?Although it should be very fast, I was not sure I would optimize the transport of these stream files the best I could. ?Another word, the stream file needs to go to Mythtv first then Kodi. ?To me is an extra step and traffic. So I was thinking to mount the recording directory to Qnap and stream from there but I'm not sure this is the best way to do it. ?

     On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 11:14 AM, Tom Metro <tmetro+blu at> wrote:

 Dan Ritter wrote:
> aldo albanese wrote:
>> one article someone suggested to use TCP instead in the syntax instead of UDP.
> In /etc/fstab:
> hostname:/share??? ? ? /local/mountpoint??? nfs ro,tcp,rsize=1048576 1 1
> Assuming a readonly mount for large media files.

So rsize=1048576 is going to increase efficiency for large files, but
what's the advantage for using TCP instead of UDP? Presumably NFS
already has an error correcting layer on top of UDP. And when it comes
to performance, usually UDP is superior, which is why it gets used in
most real-time protocols.

How about mounting it read-only? Just good security practice if
read-write isn't needed, or does that gain you some performance as well?


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