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[Discuss] MythTV, Kodi, and HDHR tuners

aldo albanese wrote:
> I'm glad that this post is asking more questions about cablecard, Mythtv
> and etc. I did not want to go off the topic of linux too much.

I consider MythTV, Kodi, etc. to be on topic for BLU as they all run on
Linux. But you will reach an audience with more expertise with those
projects on their respective mailing lists and forums.

> My understanding is that Mythtv uses the stream file from HDHomerun
> and it pass it along to Kodi.

I thought that MythTV had a tuner driver that could talk directly to the
HDHR over Ethernet. It didn't rely on a third party tool to stream the
video to a file.

Once the HDHR is set up as a tuner in MythTV, a MythTV client (there are
several) add-on for Kodi I would expect to stream live video from it
using the MythTV protocol, just as it would with any other tuner type.

> I was thinking to mount the recording directory to
> Qnap and stream from there...

According to:

there is direct support (via add-ons) in Kodi to view streams directly
from HDHR tuners without involving any other computers or intermediary

I'm not sure how conflicts are handled when MythTV and Kodi both compete
for available tuners on the HDHR. It may be first-come first-served, or
there may be no protection preventing you from flipping channels on a
tuner in Kodi that MythTV thinks it is using for a recording.

> It needs to pass the wife acceptance (The hard part)...

After you've owned a DVR for a while, the appeal of live TV (except for
news, and sports ball, if you're into that) diminishes. I hardly ever
attempt to use live streaming from my MythTV server. If I want live TV,
I switch to the cable box.


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